Hello! I'm Rose, 20-something, Maryland native, living in England and working on my PhD. I'm a writer, a dog-lover, an early modernist, a coffee addict, and a Ravenclaw.

This is a blog dedicated to reading—all kinds of literature, no caveats or restrictions. On this blog I discuss all things literary and bookish. I read and review a variety of genres including YA and adult/literary fiction. Sometimes I simply post my observations and thoughts, musing on anything book-related. You'll also some poetry and music as well as thoughts/experiences from my daily life. This space is my little home on the internet, a place to indulge my obsession with books and a place for me to share whatever is on my mind.


Copyright Information 

Given my academic interests, occasionally I share some ideas that are later incorporated into my work. As such, if you are responding to any of my writings or if you would like to discuss ideas originated on this blog in a blog post of your own or in any other informal discussion on social media, I request that you give full credit with a link to the original content. If you would like to reference my work in any professional or academic work of your own, including any articles published in a traditional media outlet or academic journal, please contact me for permission and further information for formal citation methods. No work on this blog may be reproduced without my prior consent.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through this information before submitting an inquiry or a review request.

Do you accept review requests?

Yes, I am happy to consider requests for review. However, I do not review self-published books except by special arrangement. Unfortunately if your book is self-published I am unlikely to accept an unsolicited request for review. 

What genres do you read and review? 

I read a little bit of everything, although of course I do have a tendency to gravitate toward certain genres. My most read genres are literary fiction (non-YA), 'classics', and fantasy. When I do read YA, I tend toward fantasy and contemporary. Genres I enjoy and hope to read more of include science fiction, mystery/crime, biography, memoir, essays, and general non-fiction. 

Do you have a rating system?

I do give star ratings to my book reviews, but the criteria for each rating is not set in stone. General guidelines are:

  • 1 star - I found the book to be wholly unenjoyable and do not recommend
  • 2 stars - I disliked the book and in general would not recommend it, although it may be a matter of taste
  • 3 stars - the book was somewhat interesting or enjoyable, I would recommend it under certain circumstances
  • 4 stars - I liked the book a great deal and would certainly recommend it without any hesitation
  • 5 stars - I absolutely loved the book and want everyone to read it to share in my awe

Do you post negative reviews? 

Yes. I do not review every book I read, but the books I do choose to review are not strictly those I've most enjoyed. I review any book that has left me with some interesting thoughts and opinions that I feel are worth sharing. My goal when reviewing a book is to start a discussion, not just to rant or rave.

How many books do you read per year?  

In the past I have kept track of my reading, but usually just for non-academic books. I usually averaged between 50 & 60 per year. Now that I have started my PhD, my academic reading has greatly increased and so I read more books in total these days, but less 'for pleasure'.   

Do you take part in any reading challenges?  

I am attempting the 100 book reading challenge this year on Goodreads. You can see my progress on my Goodreads page. I do also enjoy read-a-thons occasionally. If I am participating in a read-a-thons or any other reading challenges, you can follow my progress on Twitter and I may write about my experience here on the blog. 

What is your favourite book? 

I can give no truly honest answer to this question as I love so many books in so many different ways. But when I'm asked this question out 'in the wild' (i.e. real life), I usually say To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It's much easier to provide an answer than to give a soliloquy on my all-consuming love of books and how each book I've ever loved still holds unique place in my heart.. 

What is the topic of your academic research?  

I research English Catholic women's writing, 1570-1700.

How do you find time to blog? 

Sometimes I don't, but all I can do is try.

Can we be friends? 

Yes! I love reading and responding to comments here on the blog. I'm also a Twitter addict and I love meeting other readers, book-bloggers, and booktubers. Please do introduce yourself and we can spend the rest of our days chatting about books to our hearts' content.