Week in Review 28.09 - 02.10.15

Picture of the week: Some of the most beautiful hydrangeas I've ever seen, and the inspiration for last week's featured quote. Personal Instagram: rosaleepipitone

Picture of the week: Some of the most beautiful hydrangeas I've ever seen, and the inspiration for last week's featured quote. Personal Instagram: rosaleepipitone

Guys, this has been a weird week. Or maybe it's just this afternoon that's left me feeling a bit off. Do you ever have those days where your mind just feels a bit murky? Or do you ever have one of those weeks that doesn't feel long or stressful until Friday afternoon when you suddenly feel unable to move from the sofa? Although I must venture out soon to pick up something for supper before the Waitrose closes. Life is a real struggle. 

Also, a little hint: if you're a good sleuth, you may be able to find some more personal information about me hidden in this post. Ok it's not very well hidden at all. In general, I don't post too much personal information here. I consider myself to be a relatively private person (despite the stereotypes about Millenials). I'll share little bits and bobs along the way, more so over on Twitter (link below), but this blog is in no way meant to record my life. I've also made the conscious decision not to use my full name on this blog for professional reasons, although it is (obviously) not kept wholly secret. These end of the week posts will likely be the most personal, but if you judge my life solely from these Week in Review posts the main conclusion you'll be able to draw is that I am exhausted/over-worked/stressed out. So here for the record is a caveat: there is a lot more to my life than is presented here.

And actually (amazing segue is amazing) - if you would like to get to know me a bit better, feel free to follow me on Twitter, my real Internet. Highlights from my week of tweets below. 



This week was quite slow for reading. I finished The Silkworm and posted my review on Monday, but since then I have not put in much reading time. I do read every night in bed, but lately I've been falling asleep after just a few pages. Still juggling Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff (I treated myself to the gorgeous, colourful UK hardcover) and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (on my phone bc Overdrive only had the epub version - I'm definitely not a fan of reading on an iPhone, btw).



I've been obsessed with the Gilmore Guys podcast this week. Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite television shows - I remember watching before streaming or DVR, when I had to rush back from my Tuesday evening piano lesson to make it to the TV in time. Other random listenings this week include an interview with Margaret Atwood on NPR. Also, a guided meditation that I found quite funny...I know meditation isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I find it to be quite useful and this parody is spot on (but also just a good guided meditation in its own right).

All Things Considered interview with Margaret Atwood: Now Is Not the Time for Realistic Fiction

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation


More Reading

Internet scrolling has been quite light this week as well. Of course as an American living in England who had to get used to the English rules for vocabulary, I very much relate to the Glossary of U- and Non-U Speech on The Toast today. 'Grandma's hand clim-clams' is a term I will now never forget to use.  I've been chastised for saying 'toilet' instead of 'loo' many times, but apparently I should be calling it 'oh-it's-the-old-white-cabbage-snatcher'. The boyfriend did not find this quite as amusing as I do (he's English, and speaking of apparent U-speech, he's sewing a button onto his DJ, dinner jacket not tux, as I write this).

Of more literary interest: the NYRB has a great transcript  a conversation with Jorge Borges 

And less literary, but equally important: I greatly enjoyed this very important profile of the stunning goddess Ina Garten

So that's all folks! That's what I've been reading, listening, and thinking this week.

But before I go - this week I have planned ahead and remembered the quote of the week:

I say I want to save the world but really
I want to write poems all day
I want to rise, write poems, go to sleep,
Write poems in my sleep
Make my dreams poems
Make my body a poem with beautiful clothes
I want my face to be a poem
I have just learned how to apply
Eyeliner to the corners of my eyes to make them appear wide
— Ars Poetica by Dorothea Lasky

Have a good weekend, friends!