Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'd Love To See in Collaboration




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This week's topic is author duos we'd like to see write a book together. Some of these duos are friends or couples in real life, but some are just authors I love and who I think would write amazing stories together. Now I'm sitting here dreaming about all of these potentially awesome books I may never have...

Ten Author Duos Who Should Write Books Together

Sarah J. Maas & Susan Denard 

These two are best friends in real life, basically the most amazing BFF goals. Luckily we do have a taste of just how great a book from these two would be. The Starkillers Cycle is a sci-fi story the two pen and publish online in between their solo novels. The story hasn't been updated since last February and the website was down/wiped when I last checked, but it was a lot of fun. I'd most like to see these two write fantasy together, though. I'd expect some badass ladies and some steamy romance of course. 


Ransom Riggs & Tahereh Mafi

The YA community's favourite writer-couple. These two are adorable together, perhaps the most stylish married couple ever. Separately they write some darn good books, very different but each very impressive. I'd love to see these two write a historical sci-fi/fantasy story together, tying in Ransom's amazing eye for found photographs/visual elements with Tahereh's gorgeous prose. 


Laini Taylor & Leigh Bardugo

These two ladies write some magnificent fantasy. I fell in love with the worlds they created in their books. Their worlds were very different but both so unique and evocative. If they put their minds together I think they would come up with a really inventive fantasy land, based in rich folklore and a real depth of imagination. I would also expect some wonderfully complex characterisation from their story and some beautiful writing.


John Darnielle & John Green

I know John Green has been a longtime fan of The Mountain Goats (as have I). I have a feeling these two would write a really great coming of age story together. John Green is, of course, great at capturing the feelings of exceptionally bright young people and tackling some hefty topics to boot. John Darnielle's first book definitely takes on some big ideas/questions and focusing on a really unique character as well. I expect these two would write a book about some exceptionally bright but very weird young person dealing with the big questions of life. And yes it would probably be a bit excessive, the literary equivalent of an annoying hipster, but I'm sure it'd also be a great cult novel but worth the status. 


Jeanette Winterson & Ali Smith

These are two of the best living female writers in my opinion, two feminist powerhouses. Both Smith and Winterson also play with the form/structure of the novel very inventively (Winterson, notably, in The Stone Gods, Smith in How To Be Both). I would expect a very unique, groundbreaking novel from these two - one that deals with time and identity and writing itself. I'd also love to see them take on some great women from history so that we could have two of our best literary women writing about some of the most important women in history. 


Jonathan Safran Foer & Nicole Krauss

Another literary power couple. If these two ever wrote a novel together I think the literary world would explode from the excitement. I would expect a collaboration from these two to be a heartbreaking story revolving around powerfully evocative objects (think Krauss's story in  The Great House and Safran Foer's key in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close). I'd also want this book to win ALL of the literary awards...although it would have steep competition from the Smith-Winterson book.


Lauren Groff & Sarah Dessen

This one is quite an unlikely pairing I know. Every time I read a Sarah Dessen novel I want her to write about life beyond high school/the teenage years - I think she definitely has the chops and I think she'd have a really interesting perspective on the formative experiences of the college years/early adulthood. Lauren Groff is just the best at characters and she writes some gorgeous prose, so I think she would be a great complement to Dessen's skill at writing really authentic feelings. Groff's last two novels have followed her character(s) over long stretches of time to show development and I think this technique would really enhance Dessen's storytelling as well. Basically I want a more mature Dessen matched with Groff's beautiful, more literary style.


Libba Bray & Maureen Johnson

I think these two are friends in real life and/or online. And they're both very funny on Twitter/the Internet in general. That said, I think I'd like them to write some great magical realism/urban fantasy together. I loved The Diviners and The Name of the Star, and they had quite a similar feel to their stories. So I'd just love to see what they could do if they put their brains together, maybe brought some of their humour as well. A book from these two would just be a lot of fun, hopefully with some ghosts/murder thrown in.


Mary Shelley & Percy Bysshe Shelley

Another famous literary couple. I don't really have any idea what a book from these two would be like. I think it would be quite dark and suspenseful, with a good dose of tragedy. Perhaps a tragic love story with some gothic elements. 



J. K. Rowling & J. R. R. Tolkien

This one would be a doozy. I'm not sure they would work well together, but I'd love to see what kind of fantasy world they could dream up together. I'm sure it would be the most densely imagined world of magic, filled with an amazing cast of characters. A story from these two would be an epic adventure, involving a great showdown between good and evil and an amazing group of heroes working together to save the day. 

So those are my dream matchmaking scenarios for authors. If any of these actually happens (those that don't involve dead writers), I would probably die from excitement. Until then, I'll just keep daydreaming.

Would you read any of these books? What authors would you like to see collaborate?