Midweek Music Break, Vol. 5

This week I'm just trying to stay focused and productive, so the music I've been listening to has had quite a job to do. I fluctuate on what music I listen to when working - sometimes it's instrumental, sometimes it's one song on repeat, and sometimes it's just a hodge-podge of whatever songs sync up with my brainwaves at any given moment. This week it's been a mix - I've even chose a few days to listen to the coffee shop's mix including the chatter of other customers. 


Rock on, gold dust woman...



Even Stevie Nicks has admitted that she doesn't really know what Gold Dust Woman is about, but I like to think a 'gold dust woman' isn't just a drug-addicted rock star (apparently 'gold dust' is supposed to be a euphemism for cocaine). She's an ancient queen, a black widow, a dragon and she runs in the shadows. Sounds pretty badass to me. 


What are you listening to this week?