Week in Review 12.10 - 16.10.15

Picture of the week: A scene from this week's country walk - I love getting to spend time in the countryside, even just for a short walk when babysitting. 

Picture of the week: A scene from this week's country walk - I love getting to spend time in the countryside, even just for a short walk when babysitting. 

Oh no! Saturday night and still no Week in Review. Well.

Better late than never...

I knew by Wednesday that the end of the week was going to be hectic, but I couldn't really do anything to get ahead of the fray. I will be honest, though. It was a very welcome kind of hectic, plans with friends and time devoted to self-care (i.e. setting aside time for the things that make me happy). I had very happily chosen to have a proper London day on Friday, or my kind of London day - Pilates in the morning, lunch at my favourite bakery, a big shop at my favourite Waitrose, great coffee at my favourite cafe, an evening spent preparing a home-cooked dinner and then enjoying the delicious comfort food with Hugh and a good friend. Usually I spend my weekends in London, but I had to stay in York last week so I've been very happy to came back to London after the brief absence. It's funny how you can miss a place after such a short time. And I especially love London in autumn, perfect for long walks wrapped in my favourite scarf and savouring a  good cup of coffee. 

Ok, enough rambling. I've been busy, but just enjoying life away from the computer. (Today I was out and about, bouncing from pub to pub, and an extra-long meeting for book club - 3 hours just chatting about books. And we got to hold a proper bound copy of Alwyn's book! Rebel of the Sands out February 2016, preorder it now!) I can't say I'm terribly sorry - I think I needed some time to unplug. And there's nothing wrong with a Saturday post. 

So anyway...here's what I've been reading, watching, listening, thinking this  past week!


I finally finished a book - Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill, our book club read this month. And it definitely provided us with some very interesting discussions. Following from these discussions I may review this or write a discussion post about the book. And I'm still reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff

books oct 18.jpg


I've watched Bridget Jones' Diary twice this week and I make no apologies. It's definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. And...I've also been watching Reign, which is the most ridiculous show I've watched in ages. It's like Gossip Girl in 16th-century France. I just can't help but love it. As an early modernist I'm quite appalled by the historical inadequacies, but I just love some trashy TV. So bad, and so good. 


This week I've been mainly listening to my hometown NPR station. Yes, I live in a different country now, but Baltimore's NPR station is still my favourite. And I'm such a sap - I love hearing the local traffic and weather reports in addition to local news. It just makes me feel closer to home. On the podcast front, my favourite listen this week was In Our Time - Hans Holbein at the Tudor Court. Another must listen this week - President Obama & Marilynne Robinson in conversation. For some more podcast recommendations, you can of course check out yesterday's Bookish Podcasts post. 

More Reading

And as usual, I've found several interesting reads around the Interwebs this week. The article on 'professional' readers hit especially close to home. And as a woman who suffers from a chronic pain condition the article from The Atlantic on the biases toward female pain when seeking medical care was very troubling. The article on tomboys was also really interesting, especially thinking about the books I read growing up that introduced me to some of my favourite female characters - Jo March, Harriet the Spy, Alanna of Trebond, Ashleigh Griffen (from the Thoroughbred series!), etc.

How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously

Where Have All the Tomboys Gone?

How Professional Readers Read for Pleasure


Poem of the Week

What can I say, now that summer’s gone, with the weight of its heat, its thick blanket of humidity, the cacophony of zinnias, marigolds, salvia? Now the sky is clear blue and cloudless, that sure one-note that can only mean October. You’re gone. The leaves turn gold in the calendar’s rotisserie, giving up their green, and the burning bushes have ignited, struck their book of matches. It’s enough to make the heart break, isn’t it? We keep going down the road, there’s no turning back.
— Barbara Crooker, 'Now'

And so that's this week done and dusted!

Tell me all of the interesting things you've been reading/watching/listening/thinking this week. 

Have a wonderful, autumnal weekend, friends!