Recommended: Bookish Podcasts


In my Week in Review posts I often mention podcasts and so I thought it would be a good idea to devote a post to some of my favourites - but this is a book blog, so I'm going to recommend some bookish podcasts!

There are many really great storytelling podcasts that aren't strictly literary but all readers enjoy good stories, so I'm counting them as bookish. There are so many good ones to check out but I'll stick to recommending the two at the top, must-listens for everyone who loves radio and good storytelling: This American Life - the classic, and still the best, and The Moth Radio Hour - 

On the more straightforwardly literary side of things, I have a few favourite podcasts and a few that I enjoy from time to time. Firstly I do have to mention Fresh Air with Terry Gross, any NPR addict like me knows and loves Terry Gross. She features a variety of creators, not just writers, and her interviews are always worth a listen. Also familiar to NPR listeners is The Writer's Almanac, which is featured on Morning Edition. Garrison Keillor gives news and facts from literary history along with a reading of a poem each day. My other favourite literary podcast is Books and Authors from BBC Radio 4 (which is England's equivalent to NPR basically). 

Some other great bookish podcasts include:

As you can tell I'm a bit of a podcast fiend. I'm working on a post dedicated to my love of radio, although I can make no promises about when such a post would be posted. 

What podcasts do you listen to, bookish or otherwise?