Midweek Music Break, Vol. 6


Today's music break is actually coming to you after my workday is already finished. And instead of listening with a cup of tea at my desk, I'm listening on my commute to babysitting. I'm usually listening to podcasts or NPR while travelling around town, but sometimes it's nice to have some music playing as a soundtrack. It's much more atmospheric to look out the bus window at the world passing by with some background music. Almost makes up for the fact that the bus smells like a wet dog.


Well I heard there was a secret chord...


Confession: I love sad songs. There is nothing I love more than a song that can make me weep. And so of course Hallelujah is one of my all-time favourite songs. Jeff Buckley's version is the most iconic, the most heartbreaking (this video of his final performance of Hallelujah in concert before his death = all the feels), but Brandi Carlile's performance with a full symphony orchestra is just stunning. I cry every time. 



What have you been listening to this week?