Top Ten Tuesday: My 10 wishes for the Book Genie!




TTT, or Top Ten Tuesday, is a blog series created and hosted by The Broke & the Bookish. Stop by their blog if you want to participate or follow along!


This week's topic is 10 wishes I'd ask the Bookish Genie to grant me! To spare you all the boredom, I am going to keep all PhD related wishes off this list. But if I were being fully honest I would probably use all of my wishes on various things related to my thesis. Let's assume I have no ulterior motives when it comes to literature, though.


Dear Book Genie, please grant me these ten wishes.


Wish #1 - I would love to have endless time for reading.

I usually read in bed at the end of the day so perhaps I could be able to pause time so that I can read as much as I like before switching off the light for the night and getting my full 8 hours of shut-eye. 


Wish #2 - I would like more Harry Potter books!

Even just one, maybe about the Marauders? I just want more, Genie! Ideally you could give me another amazing saga, dozens and dozens more books. 


Wish #3 - I would really like to have the ability to experience beloved books for the first time again.

Untitled design (1).jpg

Some of my favourite reading memories are of reading the new Harry Potter books as soon as they were released. I'd LOVE to be able to experience that pure joy again.


Wish #4 - Please can I visit to Middle Earth and Narnia and all of the other magical lands?

Untitled design (1).jpg

I promise not to tamper with anything - I'd just love to see the beauty of it all. Magical creatures and beautiful cities and even just the idyllic landscapes. 


Wish #5 - I would like to have a better memory for reading.

Whenever a new book in a series comes out I can never remember what the heck happened in the previous instalment. This would definitely help with my work, too!


Wish #6 - I would like the rest of the Throne of Glass series now. Pretty please.

 I just want to know what happens! More Aelin and Rowan! And more Manon (maybe with Dorian)! Just more, please. Pretty, pretty please! With a cherry on top! 


Wish #7 - I would like all TV and movie adaptations of my favourite books to be PERFECT and exactly as I've imagined them.

Basically I would love if the only adaptations allowed for my favourite books were made directly from my own imagination. I could be a consultant on all of the new productions. 


Wish #8 - I would absolutely love to have dinner dates with my favourite writers, living and dead - William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Charlotte Bronte, J. R. R. Tolkien, and J. K. Rowling. 

I'd love to have one-on-one conversations with my favourite writers. I'd have so many questions, but I'd also really just love to chat about anything and everything. 


Wish #9 - I'd like to FINALLY have all of my books in one place.

It's been over 4 years since I moved to England and I still have books left at my parents' house. It would be so nice to have my library all together again, like one big family.


Wish #10 - I would really really REALLY like to read faster!

There are so many books to read and so little time! I would really love to be able to speed read, but to still retain the level of understanding and engagement with the text.


What wishes would you ask the Book Genie to grant you?