Week in Review 19.10 - 24.10.15

Photo of the week: Picked this one off the shelf in London for some weekend reading, & it's definitely the time of year for snuggly blankets on the sofa; Instagram: rosemariepip

Photo of the week: Picked this one off the shelf in London for some weekend reading, & it's definitely the time of year for snuggly blankets on the sofa; Instagram: rosemariepip

A new season of Gilmore Girls announced, a trailer for the new Star Wars, details on the Harry Potter sequel play  - this week made my nerd-girl heart explode with happiness. In just the month or so that I've been blogging regularly I've shown my love for Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls, but I don't often share my Star Wars love online. It is quite a serious love, if somewhat less zealously expressed than my other nerdy passions. My love for Star Wars comes secondhand, through my dad and through one of my best friends. It's wrapped up in those two relationships, but there is no doubt that I do love Star Wars intensely All of these exciting things have made me quite emotional this week - I miss the people with whom I first shared my nerdy obsessions. It's been nostalgia overload. Is this what it feels like to get old? When even exciting things are tinged with nostalgia?

In other news, H has surprised me and planned an impromptu date night for us this evening. He's found a restaurant that specialises in food from the American South and I'm so excited to have some shrimp and grits!  Even though Maryland isn't technically a southern state (it's also not a northern state, we remained neutral in the Civil War) I still grew up with a lot of southern-inspired cuisine. I'm definitely looking forward to having a little taste of home, cornbread and all. I've been feeling quite homesick lately so anything American will make me happy. It's funny how homesickness comes in waves. I've been living in England for over 4 years and some days I can't imagine ever living anywhere else...but more and more often I've been thinking that maybe I'll move back to America someday. Sometimes I wonder if it's a biological thing - my instincts telling me to be close to my tribe/family unit now that I'm entering the next stage of my life, the settling down phase that usually precedes procreation. Of course this is just mindless rambling - H & I are not getting married or having kids anytime soon. [For any eager family members who may be reading, I repeat - no marriage, no babies!]

Anyway, enough rambling. Let's get to the fun stuff - what I've been reading, watching, listening, and thinking this week. 


Praise to the reading gods, my slump is over! Not only did I finish Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (I posted my review yesterday), but I also read Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson in less than 3 days. And I absolutely loved it - I grew up on the Little House on the Prairie books and playing the Oregon Trail computer game so of course I have a soft spot for stories of the American frontier. Other reading: Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff is still on my bedside table in York, but here in London I've picked up A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson.


I've not had much time for television this week, just the odd episode of Gilmore Girls here and there. Last weekend I did go to the cinema to see The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which was such a fun film. I also discovered that The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross is on YouTube - watching Bob paint is so relaxing and uplifting, good for the soul. I may have to start describing more things as 'almighty' in homage. And if you don't know how to feminist - listen to Lena Dunham in the video for Vanity Fair, a great perspective from a wonderful lady.

Lena Dunham's 8 Thoughts on Feminism for Vanity Fair

Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting on YouTube


This week I've been listening to Ludovico Einaudi's new album, Elements, and it is amazingly beautiful. I also have to recommend In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg for the second week in a row, this week's episode is on Simone de Beauvoir and was a really great listen. 

In Our Time - Simone de Beauvoir

More Reading

My Internet time this week has been a bit lacking...that's probably a good thing, but it does mean that there's not much to share with you. George Saunders - just of course bc George Saunders. Similarly, sexy Jane Austen is always a favourite, although I didn't know how much Jane Austen inspired erotica is out there (I may have to investigate the genre firsthand). In preparation for Halloween I really enjoyed reading the Electric Lit's feature of the scariest books I read growing up, Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and its sequels. And The Toast continues to delight my early modern nerd's heart, with their very niche humour piece on Queen Anne.

George Saunder's 'My Writing Education: A Time Line' for The New Yorker

Thank the BBC for Jane Austen Erotica

How to Survive the Stuart Court as Queen Anne's Lesbian Companion

Matt Bell and Anne Valente read Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories


Poem of the Week

I traveled to the page where scripture meets fiction.
The paper slept but the night in me woke up.
Black letters were now alive
and collectible in a material crawl.
I could not decipher their intentions anymore.
To what end did their shapes come forth?
To seduce or speak truth?
While birds swept over the water
like pot-bellied angels
beautiful bells rang to assist the hoist.
Up they went to slake their thirst,
drinking from the mist
for the sound of bells seemed to free
as well as hold them.
Then down to scavenge the surf
and eat the innocent.
“I love God and the ferry too,” wrote Kerouac.
Only that which exists can be spoken of.
— Fanny Howe, from 'A Hymn'

Please do share all of the interesting things you've been reading, watching, listening, and thinking this week!

Have a gorgeous weekend, friends!