Midweek Music Break, Vol. 7

There's a lot going on right now, but it's time to take a break with some good music. I've already listened to this week's mix multiple times today while travelling. I travel in between York and London every week, a 2 hour train journey each way - so I always need something to listen to during the travel time. Since starting these weekly mixes, I've found myself choosing music over podcasts/audiobooks for most of the journey - that's a big deal for someone who's lived most of her life to the sound of talk radio. I do have to be careful with my listening on trains, though. I have a tendency to become inexplicably weepy whenever I travel by train (given how often I do so, this can be quite annoying), so I have to avoid sad songs. This is harder than it sounds as there is nothing I love more than a sad song, the more heart-wrenching the better. 


Slow down, you crazy child.


Speaking of songs that make me weep...Vienna by Billy Joel. Phew. That one's an emotional punch in the gut. I think it should be required listening for everyone in the months leading up to the 25th birthday. Three years out of university and well into adulthood, which is feeling much more real than you ever thought it would be. Every time I approach a life milestone, I think maybe this will be the crest of the hill and it'll be easier on the other side. But as 25 swiftly approaches (just a few weeks now), I'm realising that the hill is really a mountain. Lyrics from one of my favourite songs comes to mind: 'I know my way is rough and steep' (from Wayfaring Stranger, a spiritual folk song - Emmylou Harris' version is on the very first Midweek Music Break from lo those many weeks ago). So I'm trying to listen to Billy Joel these days. Slow down. Deep breath. Maybe have a little cry. Listen to some music. 


What are you listening to this week?