Week in Review 26.10 - 30.10.15

Photo of the week: Working late into the night at my desk...

Photo of the week: Working late into the night at my desk...

This week started wonderfully - I attended the Magic and Mayhem event in London for Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows tour. Leigh and Katherine Webber, who co-chaired (her YA debut, Wing Jones, will be out in 2017), were lovely. There were a lot of laughs and great discussions about writing, complex characters, and more. I attended with Alwyn (whose YA debut Rebel of the Sands is out in February2016 - preorder now!) who knows just about everyone in the London YA lit community so I had a chance to meet some wonderful people. Going to book events in real life reminds me just how much I love this community. Everyone is so lovely and happy to share excitement over the books we all love. I am definitely going to try and attend more events, especially as London is a hub for all things literary in England. 

Unfortunately I won't be able to return to my beloved London for a few weeks. I usually spend three days a week in London (weekends) as it is my true home in England...but alas work is keeping me in York. I do love York, of course, but London holds a big piece of my heart. This autumn has been crazy and as someone who thrives on routine, I've struggled to keep calm and focused while everything's been so jumbled and unpredictable. But more time in York will hopefully allow me to put my head down and get some serious work done. 

Anyway, onto my week of media consumption!



After finishing two books last week, I'm not in the unpredictable stage of my reading cycle - dipping in and out of several books, waiting for one to grab me and pull me in. I've been listening to the Shadow and Bone audiobook, inspired to revisit the Grisha trilogy after the Magic and Mayhem event with Leigh Bardugo. I've also started The Rose Society by Marie Liu, although I appear to have forgotten quite a bit from the first book Young Elites so progress has been slow. A God in Ruins is put on hold again as it lives in London (I keep some books in London as my shelf space is limited in York and it means I don't have to always be carting books back and forth). I stayed up reading Fates & Furies last night so I'm betting that will be the one to claim my attention this weekend.


This is a first for me - I have not watched anything on Netflix this whole week. Nothing. This doesn't mean I've not watched anything, I still keep up with a few shows during the week - Downton Abbey, Made in Chelsea (I love trashy TV), Grey's Anatomy. Last weekend H and I indulged our love for boring TV as well - Great Canal Journeys, Great Continental Train Journeys, and Grand Designs. I really do hope that H and I can be just as happy and in love as Timothy West and Prunella Scales (the adorable couple from Great Canal Journeys) after more than 50 years together. 


Praise to the podcast gods! Call Your Girlfriend is back - and I'm listening to the new episode right now. I also really enjoyed the Neil Gaiman presented Halloween episode of Seclected Shorts. Also a joy - the second part of President Obama and Marilynne Robinson's conversation is now available from the NYRB podcast. And as I mentioned above, I'm listening to the Shadow & Bone audiobook. I first experienced the book via audiobook, traipsing around London three summers ago when I was deep in work on my MA thesis. Memories.

More Reading

The Internet is still there and I'm still crawling around in the shadows, reading random stuff. Halloween candy and beer, magic, ladies talking, and Joanna Newsom make the list this week. How quirky and eclectic.

Pairing your Halloween candy with the right beer

The Case for Magic

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Poem of the Week

There was a church in Umbria, Little Portion,
Already old eight hundred years ago.
It was abandoned and in disrepair
But it was called St. Mary of the Angels
For it was known to be the haunt of angels,
Often at night the country people
Could hear them singing there.

What was it like, to listen to the angels,
To hear those mountain-fresh, those simple voices
Poured out on the bare stones of Little Portion
In hymns of joy?
No one has told us.
Perhaps it needs another language
That we have still to learn,
An altogether different language.
— Anne Porter, 'An Altogether Different Language'

What a week! What have you been reading, watching, listening, thinking this week?

Have a Spectacular, Spooky Weekend!