Top Ten Tuesday: Bad Bookish Habits

Today's TTT comes with a brand new graphic! TTT, or Top Ten Tuesday, is a blog series created and hosted by The Broke & the Bookish. Stop by their blog if you want to participate or follow along! 


This week's topic: Top 10 bookish things I want to quit. I have quite a few book-related bad habits and so today's post will be an exposé on all of my dirty little reading secrets. As far as dirty little secrets go, these are definitely the most boring but for fellow bookworms these secrets will be recognised as scandalous.


So here goes nothing...


My Worst Bookish Habits

  • I buy too many books - really, just so many books!

I really have a problem when it comes to buying books. It's a compulsion, or really more like an addiction. I haven't had any 'haul' posts yet but that doesn't mean I have not been regularly acquiring new books. I bought four books last week, from the local used book shop at least.

  • I start books and abandon them quite easily without finishing.

Every reader is guilty of this one. But I'm particularly bad with library books. The second I have a time pressure for reading a library books I suddenly become unable to read more than 100 pages. I also tend to be a bit overzealous when checking out library books (free books!) so it just exacerbates the pressure.

  • I have a bit of a hoarding tendency when it comes to books.

Guys, I have 3 bookcases full of books sitting in my parents' house right a different country. I am usually ruthless about culling unused junk, but when it comes to books I just can't let go. 

    • In real life, I am often very reclusive about my reading.

    This is an odd one and it stems from a strange habit from childhood. Backstory: when I was a kid I used to read in various hiding spots around the house. I'm not sure why I used to do this. I'm the youngest of four and so maybe I just wanted time to myself. Whatever the reason, I now view reading as a very private experience. When I am reading I don't like to talk to anyone and I refuse to answer if anyone asks me what I'm reading. I can be quite unpleasant about it as well. It's strange, I know. 

    • And now for a classic: staying up too late reading.

    This one is less of a problem  now that I keep Grandma hours. When I was little my mom would have to come check on me multiple times after bed time to stop me staying up reading under the covers. These days I tend to be guilty of the next habit much more often.

    • I always hate myself for putting off reading at night until I’m too tired to really get into the book.

    This may be the saddest part of growing up for me. My bedtime is very strict these days - I need to be asleep no later than 12am. I do have a compulsive need to read every night before going to sleep every night, though. These days it's quite likely that by the time I settle down in bed with my book I'm so exhausted I barely make it through two pages. 

    • I use books as coasters.

    Some people will find this one to be truly awful. Recently I've been using the Little Black Classics from Penguin. They're a perfect size for a bookish coaster. I would never use a book as a coaster if it had a really great cover...but pretty much any paperback, especially slim ones, are up for grabs. Why buy coasters when you have so many books lying about?

    • I sometimes guilt the boyfriend about his reading habits.

    I know this one is bad. My main concern is that he reads a lot of books related to his work. He studied French and German literature at university and has always been a big reader of fiction. I know the fact that he's reading a lot of research books for work (in his own time and by choice) is because he loves his work, which is a good thing. But I can become a bit of a reading crusader when he chooses to bring a book about financial analysis on holiday. I am always buying him books and leaving them around the's a bit passive aggressive masked by generosity. But I don't ever shame him for any non-financial reading. It's just choosing to read dense, work-related books instead of something for fun. 

    • This is a big one for me: packing too many books for holidays.

    WAY too many books. On my last holiday I packed 10 books for 5 days...and I brought my Kindle. Luckily we weren't flying anywhere so it didn't weigh down my luggage. My parents gave me my Kindle when I moved abroad specifically so I wouldn't need to bring so many books with me as I travelled around Europe. But now I just bring my Kindle in addition to several other books.  

    • I feel a lot of reading guilt. 

    This is a killer. It's really intensified by my work. I'm always feeling some kind of guilt related to reading - whether I'm guilty about not reading enough for work or feeling guilty about spending time reading for pleasure when I could be reading for my thesis or feeling guilty for not reading enough for this blog or for having so many unread books on my shelves. I just have a lot of feelings...ok, well, mainly it's one feeling.


    Do you have any bad bookish habits?