Midweek Music Break Vol. 10

I can't really believe I've done ten of these mixes. I didn't think I would be able to put one together this week as I hadn't been paying much attention to the music I was listening to this week. I usually try to find some new music each week, or new-to-me at least, but this week I just didn't have the energy. But I could still use a music break, and so here we are. 

I've just taken a sip of my coffee to realise that it's gone stone cold, but I'll still drink it. I can't have a music break without a cup of coffee.


The only line that is true is the line you're from.

Blind Pilot


You may notice that all of the songs on this week's playlist are from 2009 and earlier. You may also notice that it's quite a sad mix. Well, for whatever reason this week I've found myself returning to the 'glory days' of my musical taste, my high school years. This playlist is a small snapshot of the music I listened to as a teenager, and it's probably quite telling of what I was like in those years. Music helped me through some hard times during that period in my life. I think the reason so many people continue to rely on the music of their teenage years is for similar reasons - it's the music that was with you during those years of raw, intense feelings. I know I often return to the music of that time whenever I'm feeling down. And it always makes me feel better.


What are you listening to this week?