Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 supporting characters who deserve their own book (or series)!

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This week’s topic: Create your own! I’ve chosen to list 10 characters whom I'd love to read more about in their own book (or series).

Ten Characters Who Need Their Own Books

10. Beatrice, The Book of Strange New Things: Following on from my recommendation post yesterday (in fact thinking about Beatrice's story yesterday inspired the topic for today's list!), I must admit that at times I was more interested in Beatrice’s story on Earth than the main action on Oasis. She was alone and surviving by her own strength as the world was crumbling around her. Talk about one badass lady.

9. Boris, The Goldfinch: Boris is by far the most interesting character, and the only redeeming feature of the chapters that take place in Las Vegas. He's acts as a teenaged, Ukrainian Falstaff figure for Theo (although luckily he does not meet the same end).

8. Eve, Paradise Lost: Everyone knows Milton was a great, bloody misogynist. Eve is a fascinating character in her own right and I think more than deserving of a poet’s attention.

7. Pippa, the Gemma Doyle series: I’d love a book or a story about Pippa’s time in the Realms as she struggles to hold onto her humanity and slowly succumbs to corruption.

6. The Monster, Frankenstein: One of the nesting narratives within the book is from the Monster’s point of view and the Monster’s story is one of the most fascinating dimensions of the book as a whole so of course a longer take on the Monster’s experiences, both of the original book’s events and of the events in the the Arctic.

5. Thomas More, Wolf Hall: More of course does have his very own play (A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolte), but I want a novel of Hilary Mantel calibre.

4. Mrs Coulter, the His Dark Materials series: This one may actually be coming true and I couldn’t be more excited!

3. Alice, The Magicians series: We get to hear a bit of Alice’s story, but that small taste is more than enough to whet the appetite for more.

2. Manon, The Throne of Glass Series: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Manon is by far my favourite character in the whole series. I love how Maas reinvented witch folklore in the books and created such ferocious women.

1. Hermione, Harry Potter series: Everyone know Hermione is the best witch of her age. I want a book about her awesome post-Hogwarts adventures where she saves the world single-handedly without Harry or Ron holding her back.

What supporting characters would you like to have their own book?