Midweek Music Break, Vol. 1

I'm staring at a pile of books that need to be read for work, a blank page of my notebook waiting to be filled up with notes...but first I need a music break. 

As I'm listening to this week's playlist I'll be thinking about my grandfather, Bee Pop as we called him. He's the that guy with the guitar in the picture. He couldn't play a single chord, but on the night before my parents' wedding he stole my uncle's guitar to cause some ruckus. The hotel had to send people up to break up the party in the middle of the night. Bee Pop passed away in August and I think he'd like sharing my music breaks with me each week. If you'd like to join us, all you need to do is grab a coffee/tea/alcohol, press that play button, and enjoy a little break from real life with some music.


What music have you been listening to this week?


This week's music includes songs from some newly discovered artists as well as a few I've known and loved for a long time. It's an eclectic mix, but such is my music taste.

Each week I put out a Music Break playlist. If you'd like to see these playlists as well as my other musical adventures, you can follow me on Spotify.