Week in Review 21.09 - 25.09.15

Picture of the week: Some marvellous coffee table books! Instagram: rosemariepip

Picture of the week: Some marvellous coffee table books! Instagram: rosemariepip

Week 2 of daily blogging complete! I can already tell that these weekly recaps are going to start of the same way each time - with me talking about how tired/stressed I've been throughout the week. But such is life. This weekend is the boyfriend's birthday and so we have lots of festivities planned. Usually my weekends border on anti-social so four social events in one week is quite a big deal. I'm currently sitting in the London flat, the late-afternoon sun and brisk autumn air streaming in through the balcony door, setting up my new iPhone and basking in the calm before the storm. As an introvert, socialising can be quite draining so for these fleeting moments I am appreciating the quiet and taking stock with myself. 


This week I read An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I am not planning on writing a formal review of this, but it will likely turn up in a post at some point. I've also been listening to The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and I am entirely engrossed. I always forget how much I enjoy a good detective story, and I've been pleased to discovered that detective/crime novels are very well suited to listening to as audiobooks. 


Anyone who grew up with the Muppets will chuckle at this mock-umentary (I'm also immensely proud to see my amazingly wonderful best friend's by line for this piece): Warner Herzog's The Muppets 

On Netflix I've been re-watching The West Wing and The X Files so that has made me TV-loving heart so happy I could burst. Although I am cutting back on my Netflix viewing during the week. This is a constant battle for me, but whenever I have a good book around I can usually beat that wily nemesis 'binge-watching'.


I've been engrossed in my audiobook of Robert Galbraith's The Silkworm this week and so I haven't been listening to my usual barrage of podcasts. I have listened to a few episodes of The Mystery Show and it's by far my new favourite. Starlee Kline is just so charming and when you listen it feels like she's you're friend recounting a quirky adventure she's had. The Britney episode is such a fun listen (spoiler: it's about Britney Spears): Case #2 Britney

I also have to mention the most recent episode of On Being with Krista Tippett, who is one of my favourite people on radio (she has such a great 'public radio voice', reference: Parks & Rec parody). On Being is a fantastic show about spirituality in the modern age and Krista interviews such fascinating people, of various faiths and religious backgrounds and even from fields supposedly unrelated to spirituality, and I think it's such an enriching listening experience, a great way to consider spiritual questions even if you don't consider yourself to be very spiritual/religious. The most recent episode is called Asteroids, Stars, and the Love of God and she interviews two Jesuits who have had asteroids named after them. 

I do have to give shout-outs to Ryan Adams' 1989 cover album and Lana Del Ray's new album Honeymoon, tracks from both are featured on this week's Music Break playlist but I've been listening to both albums non-stop.

Also, this girl's voice is just...wow: 


More Reading

One of my favourite reads every week is the Brain Pickings 'interestingness digest'. Marie Popova is an amazing reader and the material she curates is guaranteed to make you a more intelligent human. This week, I enjoyed her post on Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. It's definitely inspired me to pick up the book. Gilbert's idea of living creatively as akin to the call to a religious life speaks to true. Gilbert describes the creative life "as a devotional practice, as an act of love, and as a lifelong commitment to the search for grace and transcendence'. Read the Brain Pickings post here

As the most stereotypical Bon Iver fan (sensitive hipster white girl), this piece from the Toast killed me: Songs from a Bon Iver Album In Which Everyone Is Emotionally Stable and Living in the Suburbs.

I forgot to leave a quote for the weekend. This is from Amy Lowell's The Captured Goddess, inspired by some gorgeous pink hydrangeas I came across on a walk. 

My eyes were full of colours:
Saffrons, rubies, the yellows of beryls,
And the indigo-blue of quartz;
Flights of rose, layers of chrysoprase,
Points of orange, spirals of vermilion,
The spotted gold of tiger-lily petals,
The loud pink of bursting hydrangeas.

And that's that, folks! What have you been reading, watching, listening, thinking this week?

Have a lovely lush literary weekend!