Midweek Music Break, Vol. 12

H and I have recently started listening to music together - while he's working and I'm reading we put Spotify on the Sonos instead of sitting in the same room with headphones in. We don't share much in our music tastes, but it's so nice to fill the house with music we can enjoy together even if it's sometimes a shot in the dark whether or not he'll like my choices. There's something quite intimate about listening to music together. If nothing else I've begun to think generously when it comes to music - trying to find music H will appreciate has been a fun project. If you have a partner that you have never thought to share music with, I definitely recommend listening together and forging a new layer of bonding through music.


I don't need the horizon to tell me where the sky ends.


This week I am proud to say that the mix does not feature any songs from my teenage years. I know that I will probably forever be listening to the music of my 'glory' days (not that I had a great time in high school - that's just when my music taste peaked). But I promise it won't be flooding my weekly playlists. This week there's actually new music, new to me at least. Most of the songs are from 2015 and 2016 and that's pretty impressive for me, considering how uncool I am in general. There are a few exceptions, including the 1970s tunes - one of my favourite decades for music, just after the aughts. It's nice to find new music every once in a while, change things up. 


Happy listening, friends! xx