Week in Review 180116 - 220116

Photo of the week: My weekend reads; Instagram: rosemariepip

Photo of the week: My weekend reads; Instagram: rosemariepip

I've sat down to write this week's review post quite late, but time got away from me today. Friday is my day for chores and self-care, which mainly means therapy and laundry and Pilates. What a glamorous existence I know. But now the sun is coming out and flooding the flat with beautiful golden light and it's making me feel a little brighter after a day of boring household chores. I did just discover some extra ricotta cheese in the fridge so I'm going to make some cannoli cream later - not sure if I can get cannoli shells, though, so I might have to make a cake. I haven't done any baking in a while so it should be a fun weekend activity. 

I'm also snacking on Maryland cookies, which always makes me happy. Yes, they're just plain chocolate chip cookies (exactly the same as Chips Ahoy in the US), but they remind me of home...probably because they're called Maryland, my home state, but also because my mother always gave us cookies and milk after school growing up. Also, today I'm wishing I could be in Maryland right now, watching the snow fall on my parents' farm. I've asked my mom to send me pictures of all the snow so I can still see the farm covered in white. To all those preparing for the snow storm on the east coast of the US, be safe and stay home - a stack of books to read, a good supply of milk and cookies, and plenty of hot cocoa. 

Anyway, let's get on to the fun stuff.


My reading week has been a steep decline from last week's high - I did finish reading Vengeance Road (Goodreads) and I'm well into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (audiobook, Goodreads). I've also started on Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert (Goodreads) and Jackaby by William Ritter (Goodreads). And hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get started on Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (Goodreads), which arrived today. So many books, and I love it!

jan 22 reading 1.jpg
jan 22 reading 2.jpg


Friends, I am deep into a Grey's Anatomy binge. This show is my kryptonite. I cry at every single episode, and it's like catharsis. Yes, it's ridiculous and melodramatic but I love this show. Also it's a good distraction from the fact that the new season of The 100 isn't airing in the UK yet. Oh and I just about died watching this Star Wars parody thanks to Alwyn. 

Adele - Hello (Han Solo Parody)



What with all of the reading and Grey's Anatomy watching, I haven't been wandering Internet-land too much. But my book club girls have given me a few chuckles with these gems.

Whatever happened to TV's favourite couples?

Just a Normal Teen: My Best-Selling YA Novel




Poem of the Week

The Sirens Again

by Jack Gilbert

What am I to do with loveliness?
I got past that singing early
To reach this honest severity.
Now I farm the stone and reality
With ease. And consider those voices.
Not to go back. But to resist
The security of easy pain.
And the false purity of mountains.
To proceed. Into even the confusion
Of Beauty. To risk pleasure,
And confront delight as triumph.
All of us have been
In the Children's Crusade. Trusted,
Been sold bad boats, and gone under.
But who would survive so far,
To a beginning, merely to be
The veteran in a southern town
Fashionably maimed and grim.

I hear them carol at night.
And need to go on. Maybe
To come on those girls on inland.


That's all for this week. Time for some self-care.

Have a gorgeous, joyful weekend, friends!