Week in Review 250116 - 290116

Photo of the Week: My beloved Pearly Poozer when she was still just a little puppy.

Photo of the Week: My beloved Pearly Poozer when she was still just a little puppy.

Every week is an emotional roller-coaster these days. At least that's how it feels when I sit down to write these weekly review.  That's adulthood for ya. One second you're watching Grey's Anatomy on your lunch break, the next you're looking at private health insurance options and stressing about money, then you're buying a light bulb, then you have a flare of your chronic pain condition, and finally your mother texts you some bad news. Or maybe that's just a day in my life, specifically Wednesday. But now it's Friday and I've sorted out my health insurance,  my pain flare has calmed down, and my dog is recovering from two surgeries. I have homemade chocolate chip cookies and I'm writing in my favourite chair.

You may have noticed that I didn't post anything yesterday - and I don't have any special reason for missing a daily post, other than I just didn't have anything prepared and didn't feel particularly inspired. I'm so happy with what I've made here at In The Leaves and I don't ever want to post anything that I don't really love. To make up for it, I posted a chatty post about stories and podcasts earlier today as a bonus: A Different Kind of Story.

Now it's back to the regularly scheduled programming: the week's reading, watching, listening, and thinking.



It was a pretty average week in terms of reading - which is still really good! Still ahead on my Goodreads challenge. I think I say on my FAQ page that I don't do reading challenges...but actually I'm quite enjoying this challenge, setting a goal and sticking to it. Anyway, I finished Jackaby (Goodreads)  and Big Magic (Goodreads) over the weekend and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Goodreads) just yesterday. Now I am thoroughly enjoying Passenger (Goodreads) and Sea of Poppies (Goodreads). My Life on the Road (Goodreads) arrived to the London flat yesterday as well, so I may dip into it later this weekend. 



Yes, I am still deep into my Grey's Anatomy re-watch. My other watching this week has been the strange world of journal videos on YouTube. Yes, I'm thinking of starting a buallet journal because apparently I am a basic bitch. I less basic-white-girl viewing, I love Paul F. Thompkins and Hannibal Burress talking about penises.

No You Shut Up - 'Totally Penis' 



I've had a great week of podcasts. I am currently listening to an episode of Philosophize This! and learning about Hellenistic philosophy. I've never studied philosophy except how it intersects with whatever literature I happen to be reading so I'm starting to fill in the gaps now through podcasts (The Partially Examined Life is another philosophy podcast I listen to regularly - which features more advanced and in-depth conversation). Generally my listening this week has been a mix of serious topics and funny stories.

The Liturgist Podcast - Philosophy and Radical Theology

Welcome to Night Vale - A Story About You. (Rebroadcast of a classic episode)



The Internet has been good to me this week. You'll notice my nerdiness is shining quite brightly here - Lord of the Rings, my first obsession from my pre-teen years, great literary women imagined as witches, and my biggest NPR crush (yes, I have multiple) Diane Rehm. It just doesn't get any better.

The Illegitimacy of Aragorn's Claim to Gondor's Throne

Literary Witches, a comic

Washington Post profile on my girl Diane Rehm




Poem of the Week


by Elise Paschen

To light the dark
Of you where no
light has explored,

to trek the deserts,
accept mirages,
swim gulfs, inhabit

the islands, caves,
the rooms and alcoves
of you, the chambers,

to chart the arteries,
to join the valves,
the bolts, the nails,

to open windows,
to hazard exits,
fall through trap floors,

to upend doors,
slam doors, to shatter
the glass of you,

but most of all,
awake or sleeping,
to learn to say:

No more to you.

I'm off do some end of the week thinking and meditation (because I'm insufferable sometimes - but really I think everyone should set time aside to just think and meditate, can be so helpful). But really. Time for self-care.

Have a fizzy, sparkly weekend, friends!