A Different Kind of Story

If you've found your way to this little blog, it's quite likely that you like to read books. You probably enjoy watching TV and movies as well, because who doesn't? But what it really is that we all love is stories. I firmly believe that a love for stories is at the core of human existence - it's a way for us to make sense of the world.

One of my goals for 2016 is to appreciate stories in all forms. The key is learning appreciation. So this will affect how I read - to find joy in the experience of a story. I'm trying to avoid 'binge' watching, which can turn me into a passive receptacle for stories to pass through without taking time to enjoy them. H and I are seeking out the best stories told in film as well. We are going to the cinema once a week, recently to see all of the Best Picture Nominees before the Academy Awards. We're also going to the theatre more often, taking advantage of London's West End.

The most accessible way I'm experiencing new stories, though, is on the radio. Well, podcasts because it's 2016. In the podcast revolution, true stories have taken centre stage. Of course I love true stories (see my True Crime Obsession post), but my first love is fiction. Back in the olden days, radio was an exciting medium for telling stories, but these days society has moved on to more visual types of storytelling. There's something so engaging and intimate about oral storytelling, though. The origins of human storytelling was through the spoken word and still there's great magic in listening to a story, instead of seeing or reading.

So, where is the fiction in the podcast world? That is today's question. Luckily, it's not a hard one to answer.


Fiction Podcasts Worth Listening To


Welcome to Night Vale

One of the most creative and one of the originals. The story of a strange desert town where all conspiracy theories are true and where angels and ghosts and supernatural beings are part of every day life. I'm sure you've heard this recommendations a thousand times, but I'm adding my voice to the din. It's really such good fun.



The Black Tapes

Do you like ghost stories? I'm easily spooked, but this story has me engrossed. It's a fictional serialised docudrama that begins when a reporter begins working on a story about ghost hunters...but her work takes an interesting turn and the story that follows is great listen, even for us non-believers.



Thrilling Adventure Hour

A stage show and a podcast in the style of old time radio. There are various recurring segments with fun stories and songs. There are different characters like Sparks Nevada, a man sent to Mars to protect the planet outlaws and aliens, and the Doyles,, a posh society couple who can see ghosts. This is the perfect listen for anyone nostalgic for vintage radio.


So far I've been greatly enjoying the experience of stories via podcasts. It's nice to discover stories in a new way. Hopefully I'll be sharing more of my experiences as I discover new stories in new ways this year. Of course, reading stories in books is still my first love but there's no harm in branching out every once in a while.


Do you have any story recommendations, on podcasts or other media?