Midweek Music Break Vol. 11


The first playlist of 2016 is here! There's no Auld Lang Syne on here - no themed playlists from me. I'm more than happy to put all the Christmas music to rest and get back to my usual tunes. And today I'm listening from my favourite coffee shop, actually enjoying a cup of Joe while I listen (shhh don't tell my doctor - one cup a day can't be that bad). There's nothing like the sounds of a crowded cafe breaking through your headphones underneath your music, makes you feel connected to the world around you. 


I never knew a part of you / You didn't set in ink, in ink.


It may be a new year, but my music is pretty much the same. In fact, this playlist includes several old favourites from high school. There are a few songs on here that transport me back to the roads between my parents' house and my old school - driving through the wooded park, along the shore of a beautiful lake in the early morning. The music I listened to on those drives to and from school still means so much to me, the songs imprinted on my heart with all of the intense feelings of my teenage years. If you watch this space you're quite likely to find more and more of those songs scattered among my weekly playlists. They're quite easy to spot - anything from 2005 to 2009.