Week in Review 0401 - 080115

Photo of the Week: My favourite picture of my grandparents working together, in the first office of the business they built.

Photo of the Week: My favourite picture of my grandparents working together, in the first office of the business they built.

And so ends the first proper week of 2016. 5 days into the year's work, 5 blog posts up on the the blog. It feels pretty good. Of course the week isn't really over yet - I have my first Pilates class of the year this afternoon, so we'll have to wait and see how I'm feeling after that. In general, though, it's good to be back. And I mean back to normal, after a long time of not-normal. Work, writing, Pilates, blogging - I'm finally getting back on track. And I'm going to see Star Wars for the second time this evening, so the weekend will definitely be off to a good start.

As you know, I left the blog rather abruptly in November and I never gave a reason for the sudden hiatus. I still can't give a full explanation, though, and I don't feel the need to explain myself other than to say it was necessary for my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Life has a funny way of getting in your way at unexpected times. But here I am and it's time to get on with this week's list of cool stuff.


I've included the books I read while on hiatus this week - though they were few in number. I've pledged to read 100 books this year and so far I'm on track. I've picked up Illuminae again after taking several weeks off from it so hopefully I'll be adding that to the Read in 2016 tally this weekend. My first read of the year was Vicious (review went up yesterday), then followed by HP2 as I'm getting into my annual re-listen of the Jim Dale audiobooks. 



When I was home for Christmas I binged on American TV - well, really just HGTV. So much HGTV. I also caught some of the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America and so now I'm finally up to date. Peter Capaldi's first season didn't hook me in on the first watch, but after rewatching it and continuing on to the most recent series I'm now really enjoying the new Doctor. Over on the YouTubes I was completely charmed by Rosianna's Vlogmas videos leading up to Christmas - I'm not much of a Vlogmas fan, as most vloggers irritate me and force too much holiday cheer, but Rosianna used Vlogmas as a chance to discuss some real-life, fascinating topics. Oh and I don't think I've given a recommendation for The Art Assignment from PBS Digital Studios. It's really great, fostering some amazing discussion of modern art.

The Art Assignment on The Case for Kanye West - 'The more people from outside art get involved in art, the better art gets.'

Rosianna's Vlogmas 2015



Ok, we all know by now that Serial is back. And it's still great. There's no murder so the hook isn't as enticing for some people, but it's such an intriguing story this season. I've finally caught up on Gilmore Guys, so now I'm back to my normal podcast schedule, including two favourites: The TED Radio Hour and Reply All. Listening to the HP audiobooks is taking up a good portion of my listening time, but I'll never complain about it. If you didn't already know of my love for Jim Dale's readings of the HP books, you can read about it here.

TED Radio Hour: The Hero's Journey

Reply All: The Cathedral


More Reading

Just a few reads from around the Interwebs this week. I'm still easing myself back into the normal routine of Internetting. 

Kate Elliot on World Building

From The New Yorker: The George Awakens

From The NY Review of Books: Obama as a literary critic



I've so easily fallen back into my Twitter addiction! Ah well.  


Poem of the Week

After Us

by Connie Wanek

I don't know if we're in the beginning or in the final stage.

Tomas Tranströmer

Rain is falling through the roof. 
And all the prospered under the sun,
the books that opened in the morning
and closed at night, and all day
turned their pages to the light;

the sketches of boats, and strong forearms
and clever faces, and of fields
and barns, and of a bowl of eggs,
and lying across the piano,
a silver stick of a flute; everything

invented and imagined,
everything whispered and sung,
all silenced by cold rain.

The sky is the color of gravestones.
The rain tastes like salt, and rises
in the streets like a ruinous tide.
We spoke of millions, of billions of years.
We talked and talked.

Then a drop of rain fell
into the sound hole of a guitar, another
onto the unmade bed. And after us,
the rain will cease or it will go on falling,
even upon itself.

Ok, now I'm off to focus on my body's strength and form through my Pilates practice - and then to see Star Wars at the iMax theatre!

Have a wonderful, whimsical weekend, friends!