Midweek Music Break, Vol. 15

In our senior year of high school my best friend's computer crashed and she lost all of her files, including her music. Samantha was a theatre kid and so she mainly listened to musicals. Now, I love a lot of musicals as well (even though I was never a theatre kid - I just hung around with them), but I saw this unfortunate occurrence as an opportunity. I was a music snob - proud of the fact that most people in suburban Maryland where I went to school had probably never even heard of my favourite bands. And so of course I wanted my best friend, my favourite person in the world, to share in my love of properly good music. I didn't have much of an appreciation for subjective music tastes at this stage. Instead I decided to burn her dozens of CDs, filled with hundreds of songs, to replace all of her missing music and to start her education in indie/edgy music. Of course looking back on it I now see how patronising this was - oh, don't worry that you lost all of the music you actually chose for yourself because it's all crap; here's better music because I chose it for you and my taste is impeccable. I was annoying as heck, but I'm glad I started sharing music with Samantha because it's a tradition we keep up to this day. We used to send each other mix CDs and letters in the mail when we first moved to different states for university. Now, we just send each other links to cool music whenever we come across something. These days her musical taste is much 'cooler' than mine. She lives in New York, and actually hangs out with musicians in Brooklyn (including some members of bands we were listening to together back in our late-teens). But I don't mind. It's just fun to have someone to share music with - and that's why I devote a whole post every week to sharing some music here on the blog. 


You can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart


It's quite a long playlist this week. The usual mix of some spacey tracks and folk music. There are several new-to-me artists that I'm going to recommending to Samantha. One of the tracks also has my name on it, which was quite a surprise when I was listening to it for the first time - my name is not very common (it's a Rose-name, obviously given that I go by Rose but not still not common) and so I never expect to hear it in lyrics. It was so surprising that I had to look up the lyrics just to check because I thought I had probably just misheard. I'm sure those of you with more common names don't find it nearly as exciting, but I was pretty excited to hear my name in a song.


Happy listening, friends!