Week in Review 010216 - 050216

Photo of the Week: Rebel of the Sands looking beautiful as always, Instagram rosemariepip

Photo of the Week: Rebel of the Sands looking beautiful as always, Instagram rosemariepip

Here we are at the weekend again. Almost at least. I'm in my favourite writing chair and I have coffee (I've failed in my attempt to give up coffee btw) so it must be Friday afternoon. I need quite a bit of coffee today to feel like a human being - I was up late last night talking into the night with my sister. It would have been a great scene for a rom-com as part of a montage with happy music showing two beautiful people falling in love. But unfortunately it was not romantic. I was sitting on the floor, in the dark, by the landline because it's still 1990 in our flat and so we have a telephone with a cord. And we were chatting about family drama, which I'm fairly certain is not the usual topic of late-night conversation of those rom-com montage lovers.

I'm rambling. Lack of sleep does this to me.

The exciting thing I should be talking about this week is the Rebel of the Sands release. Alwyn is in my book club and I'm so happy to see her succeeding. When I stopped into Waterstones up in York on Tuesday I had such a lovely chat with the bookseller there about how much we love this book. I maybe bragged about knowing the writer...but it was all in the name of bookselling because the bookseller said that she is going to be recommending Rebel to all of her customers. It was such a great bookworm moment. There really is nothing better than sharing a book you love and gushing about it to another booklover. 


This week's reading has been all about fun. I'm well into my favourite parts of Harry Potter on audiobook, I'm still savouring Passenger (Goodreads), I'm giddy with joy every time I pick up Rebel of the Sands (Goodreads), and I flew through a guilty-pleasure romance novel, A Week to be Wicked (Goodreads) for a bit of happy feels. I don't read romance novels too often but sometimes I just need a bit of fun. I've been reading a lot of similar books this year, a lot of fantasy or sci-fi with high stakes. I was in desperate need of something light and fluffy. And of course you can't have a romance novel without some steamy scenes. If you're ever feeling a bit overwhelmed by intense, exciting books about adventure and magic and war, I heartily recommend a fun little romance novel (I recommend the great Tessa Dare for some classic Regency-set romance) to refresh your reading routine. 



I should probably just change this section to Grey's Anatomy appreciation. I am into season 9 and everything is dramatic and wonderful. While I've seen the earlier seasons dozens of times, the later seasons still seem new and fresh to me. I know you all love hearing about my Grey's Anatomy obsession. In equally exciting viewing adventures - sometimes H uses my YouTube account and so I get recommended videos of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. YouTube must thing I am very weird - vlogs, beauty videos, Grey's Anatomy music videos, and famous finance guys. 



Serial posted 3 new episodes this week so I am just so happy. I was just now aching from laughter after catching up on Comedy Bang Bang. And if you're a Gilmore Girls fan you should definitely listen to the Gilmore Guys interview with Liz Torres, aka Miss Patty! This American Life had a great episode this week as well, especially interesting for those of us interested in the Republican primary contests. 

This American Life 578: I Thought I Knew You

Gilmore Gabs: Liz Torres


More Reading

I've been back on the actual newspaper reading train, which means my general click-journey through the Internet isn't as wide as it could be. But I am better informed about the world and politics. Now that the Iowa Caucus is behind us, I've decided to buckle down and start caring about the presidential race. Don't worry, I won't be talking about politics online ever.

A Conversation about Diversity in Publishing

Winona, Forever

Everything About Everything: David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest at 20




Poem of the Week

All the Difficult Hours and Minutes

by Jane Hirschfield

All the difficult hours and minutes
are like salted plums in a jar.
Wrinkled, turn steeply into themselves,
they mutter something the color of  sharkfins to the glass.
Just so, calamity turns toward calmness.
First the jar holds the umeboshi, then the rice does.

Ok I'm off to do chores and such to get ready for my Friday night plans. I'm treating myself to a solo date this evening and I couldn't be more excited! I don't have to share popcorn with H  at the cinema!

Have a soaring, sublime weekend, friends!