Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights




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There are so many wonderful things about being a bookworm. I’ve been a bookworm since before I knew what a bookworm was…well maybe not because my family was calling me a bookworm even when I was very young. Being a bookworm is a part of my identity, even when I was little I knew it was something special. So, today’s TTT topic is one of my favourites. Writing this list has put such a happy grin on my face!


Bookworm Delights, or Why I Love Being a Bookworm


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Returning to an old favourite book.

I love to reread books, partially because I love to discover new things in stories I know so well. But there’s also this amazing bookworm feeling, especially whenever I return to a childhood favourite. Any true bookworm knows that books can give hugs and that’s how it feels every time I read Harry Potter or Jane Eyre.



Completing a series

This is so bittersweet many times, but if it’s a great series reaching the end feels so fulfilling. I remember reading Deathly Hallows on release day, well really staying up all night to read, and that feeling so wonderful, to reach the end and to see such an epic story wrapped up. Harry Potter’s final words just encompassed how the best series should leave us feeling—All was well. Reading those words always fills my bookworm heart with such warm, happy peace. And that’s the feeling I love feeling when I reach a series’ end.


Owning a full, matching set of a series

I love to see a pretty series sitting together on my bookshelf. I’m such a sucker for matching sets. There’s a new set of redesigned Murakami paperbacks in America that I’m dying to have all together on my shelf. And I still can’t decide if I want to invest in the new Harry Potter paperback set - I have the original US hardbacks and I love them so much (although they live at home in Baltimore, and my siblings have a tendency to steal them while I’m away - is it strange that I want them to be together on my shelf, like one happy family, even when I live in a different country?)


Finding a great quote in a book

There is no better feeling than reading one of those amazingly, beautiful lines that can just stop your heart. I love when it’s a complete surprise, when I just have to go back and re-read the passage again and again afterwards to fully take it in. If I’m not reading for my work I don’t often write in my books - but there’s nothing better than finding a passage so beautiful that it needs to be set apart. 


When a favourite author releases a new book

For me, this is really for favourite authors. As much as I love some of the newer favourite books and authors I’ve discovered in the past years, it doesn’t feel the same as when Sarah Dessen has a new book out. And actually Sarah Dessen may be the only writer who really gives me this feeling. If J. K. Rowling ever really wrote another Harry Potter book that would be an even more amazing experience. The authors that give me the same kind of excitement are Donna Tartt and Anne Tyler, based on how excited I was for their last books but given how infrequently they release new books I’m not entirely sure if I will have the same feeling if they ever release new books. 


Reading first thing in the morning and last thing at night

There’s nothing I love more than spending my first and last moments of the day with a book. I don’t often read upon first waking anymore—when I was younger, especially when I was on summer holidays from school, I always used to reach for my pile of books first thing in the morning and read until my mom or siblings came to check on me—but it’s just one of the most lovely ways to spend a morning. These days I try to fit in morning-reading every now and again. It feels extra-special when I can wake up before my alarm during the week and read before work. And of course I always read before bed, the last thing I do in the day before falling asleep (even though sometimes it’s hard to put the book down to actually go to sleep).


When I fill up my stamp card at Waterstones, or when I have enough points for a free book

Back in high school this experience would have been getting a great Borders coupon - does anyone else miss how amazing Borders were with coupons? I don’t remember if they came out on Wednesdays or Thursdays, but I always used to take my new coupon to the bookstore every Thursday after school. The best ones were the 20% any item. Oh, Borders, you were good to me. These days I get the same feeling when I fill up my stamp card and get 10 off, sometimes this is combined with having a good stock of points and then I can get 2 free books (with the Buy One Get One Half Off deal)!

One of my favourite 70s covers of a beloved book I inherited from my mom.

One of my favourite 70s covers of a beloved book I inherited from my mom.


Finding beautiful vintage editions 

I suppose for some people finding beautiful new editions of books would be the more pleasing experience, but I love to find old books. And I don’t mean antique books, or rare books. I mean just a great old book in a used book store that has a musty smell and an ugly or dated cover. As much as I love brand new books, finding a great vintage edition feels like a great accomplishment. Of all the books that I own, my favourites are the ones I’ve inherited from my family—old editions from the 60s and 70s, yellowed pages, ugly covers.


Book Club discussions

I love my book club - it’s such a great experience to have a group of smart, passionate ladies to discuss books with. We have an active Facebook group to continue sharing our love of books and fangirl over our favourite TV shows together, but there’s nothing better than our monthly meetings over Sunday brunch. We have such interesting discussions and it’s so great to have that time to really discuss books in-depth, in real life and not on the internet.


Making a special trip to the bookstore on release day

Of course going to the books store is always a delight, but there’s something special about making a trip on release day. I still remember convincing my mom to drive me to town first thing in the morning when the third Harry Potter book was released (this was before midnight release parties). Once when travelling for college visits I found a bookstore in a small New England town and forced the owner to go in the back to unbox Paper Towns on the release day (gosh that was a long time ago). Even recently I plan special morning trips to the bookstore for new releases - for Truthwitch by Susan Denard and Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. It really is the best kind of book-buying. 


Gosh, I really love being a bookworm! There are so many other delightful things that go along with the bookworm life, but these are just a few that true bookworms will understand. I don't know how other people can go through life without knowing these simple joys.


What are your favourite bookworm delights?