Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Social Media!




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Realisation: I'm a turtle and my life is designed for hares. This random thought is brought to you by my stubborn belief in the maxim, 'Slow and steady wins the race'. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time - or in this case, one TTT at a time. Eventually I will find my stride again. But right now, it's a good time to chat about the best of books on social media. While I may be slacking in producing social media content these days, I am certainly not behind on consuming it and so I am very happy to share my knowledge with you all!


All Things Books on Social Media



Seelie Knight - Gorgeous bookishness. That's what #bookstagram is all about. Every picture is beautiful and she features quite a bit of non-YA, always a bonus in the bookish world online.

Books and Beans - Another non-YA #bookstragram account. There are so many great YA accounts, but sometimes my feed is just swamped in the same hype-books so it's always nice to see these updates.

I think, basically, what I'm good for is reading - a lot.” #HelenOyeyemi Tag your book #booksandbeans

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Rosianna Halse Rojas - I've featured the amazing missxrojas in my Week in Review posts. She speaks so intelligently about so many things, and her reading always inspires great thoughts and discussions. Such a refreshing voice on YouTube.

Jean bookishthoughts - Jean is another wickedly smart BookTuber. She's pursuing a PhD and has used her channel as a way to share her love of Classics. I never studied Classics, but have always loved ancient Roman and Greek literature so I love to see it represented on BookTube. Another unique reader online.



See my post on my favourite bookish podcasts! There are many because I am a podcast fiend.

Late Night Library - Great book-talk with interesting people. I especially like the feature of interviews with debut authors.

The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor - Listening to TWA every morning is my most beloved morning ritual. It's as important to me as my morning coffee. My working day doesn't start until the closing notes of the theme song. It sets my day off on the right track.

So Many Damned Books - Just take a glance at the episode notes listing the books mentioned and recommendations. It's impressive, great variety and usually something new that I haven't heard of before. Also, the Tournament of Books (the March Madness of books) is a great event for the online book community every year. 



Forever Young Adult - I do have to give a shout out to FYA. I am a member of the FYA family through my beloved book club, but they're such a fun hub for all things fandom and YA. Teen OTP Madness is just coming to an end and I've loved every minute.

Emery Lord - There are so many amazing authors to follow on Twitter, but Emery Lord is just one of the most lovely and funny and inspirational people out there. She's witty and her Twitter feed is 💯. And she writes great books!



The New Yorker - yes, The New Yorker is on Snapchat. And even more surprising -  it is amazing. 

This is a real, official announcement from the real magazine and the Snapchat is brought to you by the real, life editorial staff. Turns out the editors on The New Yorker are charming and their love for cartoons is infectious.


We all need more ways to share our love of books and that's why the Internet is so great for us booklovers. I love the bookish Internet - and that includes you!


What are your favourite bookish social media people, places, and things?