Top Ten Tuesdays: Teen Characters I Want To Know As Adults



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Characters from the books I read in childhood or in my teenage years have always stuck with me. So many of them feel like my friends, often some of my oldest and dearest friends even. But as much as I love returning to my old friends through re-reading, I have never been a fan of continuing series that just go on too long. Except Grey’s Anatomy of course. I don’t necessarily want to know a character’s whole life trajectory. I appreciate a story with an ending, even if it’s just a small snapshot from a life. But this topic was a really fun one for me, imagining where some of my favourite characters would be if we were to meet now as adults (in this fantasy we’re all in our mid-20s). There are quite a few characters I would really love to check up on, to see what they’ve grown into. If only we could have a literary school reunion—seeing old friends who for so long were just stuck in time in memories and discovering how they’ve changed and grown. 

Characters I’d Love to Check In On 


Lyra, His Dark Materials

I love the ending of His Dark Materials. It’s heart wrenching, but I’ve always loved that Lyra sets off on a new path, especially one that includes higher education (I suppose that’s a very mild spoiler - Lyra plans to go on to study at the end of the series). She’s such a bright and bold character, and I really hope that she found a way to use both her mind and her passion to tackle the important issues she’s feels so strongly about. 


The Pevensies, The Chronicles of Narnia

One of my favourite things about The Chronicles of Narnia is how it comments on the fantasy of childhood innocence, but I have always wondered how the Pevensies faired in the real world. The Magicians series by Lev Grossma explores the complexity of childhood fantasy bleeding into adult life very well—and it’s just an amazing series in its own right, fascinating take on what it is to love a story as well as the ways fantasy can consume more than just the imagination. I would wish the Pevensies to have happy experiences in the real world, but I do worry about how they acclimated to post-war England. 


Luna, Harry Potter

Now, of course, I am looking forward to seeing the Cursed Child this summer and revisiting the Trio, but after Harry, Ron, and Hermione the next character I want to know as an adult is Luna. She’s so unique and fiercely herself. We know of course that she marries Newt Scamander’s grandson, but I’d just love to know what she’s up to and hear about all the impressive things she’s done in her life.

lyra pevensies luna.jpg

Maddy, Everything, Everything

I love when YA contemporary is done so well that I feel like I really know the protagonist and want to be her friend. This is definitely true for Maddy—she really comes alive in her story and she just thoroughly charmed me. I loved seeing Maddy come into her own and I have such bright hopes for her. I hope she really is living life extraordinarily. 


Vivi, When We Collided

Another new friend. Vivi is one of those characters that just caught my heart and I still just thinking about how I want her to have a great life. Vivi is one of the characters that is messy and bright and strong and I was in love with her immediately. I love that she has such unique aspirations to be a costume designer and I really hope she is living in New York, maybe London or Paris (although I suppose she’d likely live in LA in order to work on movies), with a gorgeous wardrobe and designing amazing costumes. 


Eleanor, Eleanor & Park

I am just so fond of my favourite teens from contemporary YA. I have high hopes for Eleanor. She's an amazing young woman and I really hope she was able to leave the midwest and find adventure in New York or California...

maddy vivi eleanor.jpg

Remy & Dexter, This Lullaby

Fans of Sarah Dessen can catch a glimpse of Remy and Dexter in Just Listen, but they are only a few years removed from their own story. I would love to catch up with them later on. I know not many relationships from the summer after high school last, but I do have such a soft spot for these two so I am stubbornly believing that they are out there on the road together with the band.


Cassandra,  I Capture the Castle

I want to read all of Cassandra's novels because surely she realises her dream and becomes a great writer. And I just want to make sure she's happy and has explored the world beyond the castle.


Franny & Zooey, Franny & Zooey

Some people probably have no interest in knowing about any of the Glass family, but I have always had a great affection for Franny and Zooey. I hope they have happy lives, free from self-consciousness and intellectual angst. I related so much to Franny and Zooey when I first met them in my own college years, so I want to check in with them to see how they're doing. Hopefully they found happiness.

remy cassandra franny.jpg

Do you have any favourite characters you'd like to check in on after their stories end?