[Doorways Vol. 4] January Blues

Doorways is new series for the new year - every day for the month of January I will be practicing life writing here on the blog. That means posts will be about life, which may or may not include writing about books. This is a writing project, a challenge to myself to start off 2017 by focusing on my creative life.

January is a month for resolutions and To Do Lists, organisation and making plans. All this to distract from the fact that it's cold and grey and too far removed from brighter days. This year, for personal and not so personal reasons, January is feeling especially bleak. I've done my best with optimism, starting new projects and looking to the year ahead with as much hope as I can muster, but it's hard to shake the January blues. 

These blues, the persistent drag on motivation, is the enemy of creativity. All weekend I've been thinking about what to write for today's post and whatever well usually supplies my writing ideas feels as though it's run dry. So instead of choosing one topic and writing a long post, I'm going to list all of the ideas I thought of but dismissed...because why not? This is how writing works. For every good idea there are a dozen bad ones. And even once you have a good idea, it doesn't always live up to expectations or changes in the execution. But you just keep writing and over time the ideas come more easily and more of them hit the right notes. 


Discarded Writing Ideas

  1. 2017 Resolutions. The ultimate crutch for January writing. I could come up with a list of ways to reimagine my life this year, but it would really only serve to create more expectations for my life. And if 2016 taught me anything it's that trying to live according to expectations can lead to a mess of heartache and self-doubt.
  2. Looking back on Gym Meet. In high school, January meant it was time to start planning Gym Meet, a school tradition that's main purpose was to boost morale during the winter months and foster sisterly spirit among classmates. I could write about how effective it was in the fight against January blues, to have a completely innocuous project to work on and to feel a part of something bigger than yourself. But it's not very interesting to write about weird high school traditions ten years later.
  3. Self-Care strategies. I do like the idea of self-care, even though as a grouchy miser I generally disdain buzzwords. It's a good reminder to spend time focusing attention on myself and my physical needs. But I'm not very good at self-care, so I'm not in any position to offer advice.
  4. Politics. This is always a topic that asks to be written about. I never feel as informed as I need to be in order to step up to the podium. I do want to get over this fear someday - I do care and I put a lot of effort into being informed and now is the time to be speaking up. 
  5. Imposter Syndrome. This is a doozy of a topic and I do want to write about it. I will write about it, I think I need to, but I'm not quite ready. And yes, it's ironic how I want to write about imposter syndrome but feel unprepared.

Maybe next time I'll have a bit more inspiration for my writing ideas. I still showed up with pen in hand to write and that's worth something. 

What are some of your discarded writing ideas?