TGIF: What's making me happy this week

It's Friday, which means we made it through the week. Fridays are for happy things and so, inspired by Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, here's what's making me happy this week! 

The obvious choice would be one of the romantic-dramadies I've been enjoying this week in TV: namely, Love on Netflix and Please Like Me on Amazon Prime. Both of those shows made me happy this week, but I don't have much to say beyond that.

Obviously I cried quite a bit this week: President Obama's Farewell speech and at the presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Vice President Biden. But it wasn't happy tears. It was more devastated, emotionally distraught tears for the end of an era of acceptance and progress. So that's what's not making me happy this week.

Anyway, a consistent source of happiness...well happiness is a strong word whilst I am wallowing in the January blues - but when I'm scrolling through Twitter (which I do every spare moment I have during the day) I have been most consistently smiling at tweets from NYT Minus Context 

It's hard to explain the real appeal of this account as it's best experienced when you're scrolling idly through Twitter, sitting on the bus after a long day at work, and you com across the little gems from NYT Minus Context.

I would do anything for a good poo story. And I really do need some hints on how to do the things people do. 

And, you know what else is making me happy this week and every week? Poetry!


Poem of the Week


by Aracelis Girmay

            What to do with this knowledge
             that our living is not guaranteed?

Perhaps one day you touch the young branch
of something beautiful. & it grows & grows
despite your birthdays & the death certificate, 
& it one day shades the heads of something beautiful
or makes itself useful to the nest. Walk out
of your house, then, believing in this. 
Nothing else matters.

All above us is the touching
of strangers & parrots, 
some of them human, 
some of them not human.

Listen to me. I am telling you
a true thing. This is the only kingdom.
The kingdom of touching;
the touches of the disappearing, things.

Yes, sometimes an elegy can make you happy because it's poetry and poetry always makes me happy even when it makes me sad. 

What's making you happy this week, friends? TTFN!