Top Ten Tuesday: Beyond the Hype




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This week's topic made me realise that I read too many overhyped books. Since I've started paying attention to the book community online, my reading has become driven much more by hype. If I were to make resolutions for this year, I would definitely say that I want try to change that this year. My criteria for non-hyped books is wholly unscientific - it's not books that have no hype, but merely books that I haven't seen hyped recently. Maybe there was plenty of hype around these books and I just completely missed it. These are the books that just felt less hyped than my other reads last year.


Ten Books I Read Without Hearing Any Hype


The His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFevers

These books are fairly well beloved but have fallen out of the hype in the past few years. I absolutely adored them, though, and probably all the more so because I received a really impassioned personal recommendation as opposed to just hearing general hype online. Medieval assassin nuns are exactly my kind of thing. If I could go back in time and be a Medieval assassin nun I probably would...well, maybe not because I like the internet too much. Anyway, it was announced recently that there will be another book following some of these characters and I couldn't be more excited. 

Jackaby by William Ritter

This was a book club pick and so I wasn't aware of any hype around it. I don't always love my book club picks and this one wasn't universally loved at our meeting, but it was such an enjoyable read. I love the experience of picking up a book you know nothing about and probably wouldn't pick up on your own and being pleasantly surprised by how much you like it. 

Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler

Ok, Anne Tyler has plenty of hype to spare for her books but Saint Maybe is one of her older, under the radar novels. It's classic Anne Tyler - a Baltimore family, close-knit but fraught with complicated feelings. There's no gimmick here. It's just a good book.


Midnight Never Come (Onyx Court #1) by Marie Brennan

I genuinely don't think I've heard any hype about this series, but I love it. I've also picked up Marie Brennan's more popular series The Memoirs of Lady Trent which is about a lady dragon naturalist (I know!), but the Onyx Court books are so unique and right up my alley. Early modern London + magic + faeries = perfect recipe for getting me to read a book. 

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage by Sydney Padua

This is a graphic novel, so already that's a departure for me. I developed a weird love for Ada Lovelace over this past year, so when I saw this in Foyles I bought it without giving any thought to hype or anything else. It's so much fun! 

ada and lovelace suddenly you.jpg

Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas

Looking back on reading last year I saw a lot of Lisa Kleypas, which comes with a lot of hype and very well-deserved. But this standalone novel is one of her little known gems. (How does it have less than 800 reviews on Goodreads?) This romance has an unmarried, 'spinster' novelist as a heroine and a rough around the edges businessman (who happens to also be an estranged son of a nobleman of course) fall in love...sounds fairly typical but there's a ridiculous twist -  the mistaken identity meet-cute is arranged by a madame when the Regency spinster hires a prostitute to celebrate her 30th birthday. 

Have you read any great un-hyped books lately? How do you avoid the hype?